Saturday 10 August 2013

down by the river

In Year 8 at Chrysalisstudents undertake a major project of their choice, it can be anything from taming a wild brumby, making up a binary code for a computer program, making a surfboard or even training and taking part in a triathlon. The students chose a mentor to assist them with their project, they keep a journal of their progress, deliver report and then present their project at a presentation evening. 
I have been lucky enough to be called in (at kind of the last minute, ish) to mentor Chloe. Chloe is interested in photography and more precisely photography that captures movement, being a dancer  she is drawn by the human figure in motion. A couple of weeks ago I supported Chloe at a photoshoot she did at, where else, the Never Never Creek. As I am only relatively new to photography and have kind of taught myself everything I know, it was nice to think about things a bit more in relation to teaching Chloe, I am loving seeing how her photos are developing and seeing her confidence growing. What a beautiful afternoon it was, we will probably do one more shoot and have a play with editing (just a smidge) before the presentation evening in September. 


  1. wow. beautiful girls, beautiful surrounds, beautiful pics xx

  2. Wow! What beautiful images, and I love the sound of Chloe's project. The place you're at looks divine xx


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