Saturday 6 October 2012

sweet but far too short

As soon as Poe's party had finished we launched straight into an extreme catch-up/love up session with Jen, Rod, Lily and Saul. We have known this lovely family since Poe was 8 months old, so you can imagine how dear and special they are to us, as with dear close friends, they are like family. It was pretty wonderful watching the children have the kind of fun together that just bubbles over, laughing with pure delight and showing so much love for each other, a special little crew.

However despite all this joy and love, there was a dark cloud looming, due to a poorly thought out schedule they were only with us for two nights, TWO NIGHTS, how crazy is that. Which called for only one thing = a crazy amount of cramming, so what better a place to cram than Never Never Creek, in The Promised Land, (yes, it is really called that and if you ever go there you will understand why) and so that is what we did. We made dams, we spied eels and fish, threw rocks, wobbled on stones and marvelled at all that surrounded us and then the next day we got up and headed back again at 7am (!!) the next morning.

Jen and I also managed two nights of cramming as well, yet again we shrugged off the yawns, the drooping eyelids and instead indulged in chocolate and Frangelico and snuggled on the lounge chatting (and crying and laughing).

Poe and Saul had a particularly delightful time, so beautiful seeing the two of them totally loved up and absolutely relaxed with each other. I think that as both of them have just recently started school and are meeting new friends, friends that in some cases you have to learn how to be friends with, but with each other their friendship is very long and you could just see them relax and treasure that. Old friends do hold special places in your heart. 

We also managed to pop in and celebrate Sidney's 5th Birthday, oh yes there are many celebrations around this time of year.

It was with many tears that we said goodbye, they will be missed, they are missed, oh but they are loved.

I guess, as marvellous as our new friends are, they are still new friends, there are depths that need to be explored, experiences to be had, love to grow, after all it is all just new and we are still all finding our feet. But with old friends there is depth, history, tears, laughter, love, hurt, joy (and in some cases blood, sweat and tears) and the roots are deep, there is a firm grip around the heart. These are precious, these friends.
But I also realised that even those that seem to drift (and it does happen) can and do hold a warm, safe place in my heart.


  1. My darling Jay - what can I say? Better to have loved than to not have loved at all. Oh but why do we have to be so far apart, DAMN IT! You have filled our cups, but how I wish for more regular (in the flesh) top ups. So much love, so much fun, so much missing. Your pictures are divine and your words sublime.

    love you love you love you

    1. what a beautiful comment, i have no words to reply. mwah


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