Friday 5 October 2012


It is hot here today, we are all tired from a fun filled holiday with not much sleep, bags are still to be unpacked and clothes still to be washed. I don't really have the energy to say much at the moment, so I thought you could gaze at the above image, crafted for me by a special friend for my birthday, which happened a few days before Poe's. As you gaze, know that I too am gazing at this beautiful object as I lie on the lounge, feet up, whilst trying to ignore many, many things.


  1. That is so beautiful it sends little sparks of inspiration flipping through my brain! I love it!

    1. yeah, how awesome is it, i have one (well actually quite a few) talented friends. it makes me want to crotchet everything. would love to see what you create after being inspired by it.


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