Monday 15 October 2012

old and new

Yes, drool away people, not only was this cake absolutely stunningly decorated but it was also richly decadent and delicious and perfect when accompanied with chai and, wait for it, some beautiful new (ish) friends. Yes, I added an 'ish', that's strange, you might think, but no, we shared this cake and some wonderfully easy and fun moments with no other than the famous Nikki, Pete, Sol and River from that gorgeously inspiring and delicious blog (and life) The Wholefood Mama

Yes, we escaped from the screens of our computers, reached out and broke on through to the other side, where we could, ahem, actually touch each other. Other than touching we could (oh and we did) chat, laugh and watch as our children squealed with delight. We met up just near Mullumbimby, usually Nikki and I live about 15 hours away from each other and then all of a sudden, in an awesome stroke of luck, we were mere minutes away, an opportunity not to be passed up.  To be honest, I was a little nervous upon meeting Nikki, I'm not sure why, my stomach was in knots and I had to take a few deep breathes but I also also excited, after all, I feel like I know her and her family, kind of, and you know what, they did not  disappoint, as soon as we relaxed shared some aforementioned cake and chai, there was lots of smiles and stories exchanged as we started to delve deeper. 

They and their friends that they were staying with, were so lovely, welcoming and fun. I definitely feel closer to this beautiful family after meeting them and I look forward to catching up with them again next time they are up this way (most probably same time next year). It was a kind of strange (in that knowing somebody but never actually meeting them, oh this crazy web land we 'live' in, it still messes with my mind) but such an absolutely wonderful thing to do, to take our online connection into 'real life', I am so honoured that it happened and that it worked out so marvellously. 

After a night in Mullumbimby we drove up the coast to Brisbane to visit Scott's sister, Michelle and her two amazingly awesome children, Jack and Megs. Poe and Ilo adored these two cousins, Jack and Megs gave them so much love and fun energy, in a beautiful teenage way. Poe and Ilo were starry-eyed watching Megs play the violin and Jack singing a beautiful song on the guitar. 


We explored some op shops, the massive ferris wheel and the South Bank beach, despite the windy weather. Two nights were too short, but it was lovely to make the connection and there are now plans for Jack to come down around Christmas and for us to head back again soon, we will miss the ease of being with these special and loving family members and will be counting down until next time. 

And then down the coast to Ocean Shores to stay with our friends/family Kristian, Ree, Dexter and Bowie, such dear friends that they have become family. I have been friends with Kristian since High School and his beautiful wife Ree, since our hey days in Surry Hills. They have recently moved back up to the North Coast after trying Newcastle on for size, it is so wonderful to see how happy they are to be back, amidst adjusting to the new balance in their household, with Ree working full-time and Kristian being the stay at home awesome parent. It was so utterly wonderful enjoying the ease and delight in being in their company. Kristian cooked up a magnificent feast and Dexter and Bowie did a beautiful job of entertaining us and creating a whole lot of fun for Poe and Ilo. 

Four nights away left us sleep deprived but wonderfully nourished from all these special people in our lives who all hold a very dear place in our hearts.


  1. How amazing to meet Nikki - must have felt totally surreal. I am finally admitting that some good can come from social media ;-)

    Your photo journey (and words) are sublime as always.

    One more sleep - yay!


  2. What a beautiful photo of Nikki.

    That cake, with its decorations, amazing.

    1. Jay really does have a way with the camera. I am still getting used to seeing myself with chopped off hair but am happy with how Jay saw me through the lens. My husband took great joy and time decorating that cake it was indeed quite beautiful. I'm off to visit your blog now Imogen xx

    2. Hi Imogen,
      yes well Nikki is quite photogenic, she actually just glows and emits a strange (awesomely strange) radiance, oh yeah and her husband Pete is immensely talented (and gorgeous) too.

  3. Jay you're such a sweetie. You captured it all so well, our wonderful meeting...wish we were all there now! And yes this online world is still surreal to me and so oddly seductive and addictive. I took a week off from blog land hence I only saw this now. Love the new header! Hope all is well in Bello. xx

    1. hello lovely and welcome back. thanks for your beautiful words, you made my heart feel very warm, thanks darlin. The new header is courtesy of a beautiful picture ilo


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