Friday 28 September 2012

six already

Ah, such sweetness in this little (ish) one. A laugh that is delightful and pure, an openness and kindness that extends to all and a gentleness that holds him close and keeps him safe in a place where he is most happy. Happy Birthday beautiful one. 

Poe's birthday started with dancing for joy that he was six and lots of patience as he waited with Peeba (my mum) until everyone else woke up. After a few little gifts we focused on sewing an octopus, creating jellyfish and making a treasure chest and 'mormaid' costume for Poe's underwater party. 

The party was quite small with eleven children and it was absolutely delightful, so much ease, great times, wonder and fun. Dancing, laughing, hide-and-seek and marvelling at all the awesome costumes. 

We were extremely blessed to not only have my mum and dad up but also some very, very, very special friends from Sydney; Lily, Saul, Jen and Rod. So special and wonderful.

Ilo as a cake eating 'mormaid'

Just after dinner their was more squeals of utter delight and disbelief as Poe yells "Annabel is at the door, Annabel is at the door", yes to complete a pretty perfect day, Poe's teacher Annabel dropped by to deliver this beautiful posey of flowers she picked especially for Poe, she came, she was shown a few 
presents from the day and with a few cuddles, she left, pretty beautiful. 

Playing around with a new lens


  1. Your photos are fantastic! Captured so lovingly... can I ask what kind of camera you use? I'm just learning how to use mine and soaking up as much info as I can x

    1. Hi Nic, glad you like the pics, i love taking them, so much fun. I just have a canon 600d (however am often seen lusting over 5dMark iii, maybe in another life) and use a prime lens, 50mm 1.4, i love this lens, it has a great depth of field and clarity to it. i used to have the 50mm 1.8 which is also a great prime lens to start on. i have learned by practicing, taking heaps of pics and working out what i like. what camera/lens do you have? xx

    2. I used to have a canon powershot which actually had a really nice lens, before it was smashed onto a path by a 3 yr old (sigh), and I just brought home a sony a57, and (i don't understand all the techie terms yet) it came with 2 lenses, and I really love using the 200mm lens for the same reasons you said. paul has mentioned that i might try reading the manual... but i tried that once and lost a couple of hours of my life and absorbed absolutely nothing... anyway no-one under the age of 10 is allowed to touch this camera :-)

  2. That is an adorable post. And adorable boy. 'marvelling' at the costumes is right! They look magical. Great theme for a party too. Happy Six Mr Poe. xx

    1. thanks beautiful, it was a really awesome day. i was thinking about my 'small' party of eleven guests, thinking in hindsight that it wasn't that small but realised it definitely felt small.xx


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