Wednesday 26 September 2012

celebrating Poe

After a busy Spring Festival day, I wasn't too sure how Poe's birthday celebration at school would go but it was the perfect day for it. The class was small, about seven children, there was an unmistakeable calm and flow that the children (and teachers and parents) delighted in (this class usually has a few, high energy children who can sometimes affect the general flow).
Scott and I played with the children outside, digging/sifting for crystals and flying on swings. We then entered the fireside room to listen to the special birthday story, sitting with Poe, who was resplendont in a golden crown and cape with a grin on his face that was skirting very closely to tears, I was feeling the same.
Annabel told a wonderful story about the star child and how he chose his family and then we were served birthday biscuits with Poe and shared morning tea. It was warm, intimate and totally gorgeous. Scott, Ilo and I, all loved spending the time in the class, playing with the children and having lovely and passionate chats with Karen and Annabel (Poe's two teachers).


  1. Sigh... I love Steiner classrooms. When my first boy was little I used to wish our home was just like that. It's such a precious memory for your boy to have of his birthday celebration x

    1. I know, i feel the same, i know that part of Poe going to Chrysalis is Scott and I reliving our childhood vicariously through Poe, it definitely makes me so warm and happy inside.


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