Thursday 20 September 2012

love is in.....

Cutting into a satin dress, pinning haphazardly, tucking, laughing and going with it. A liberating experience of helping Amy, a pre raphaelite and pregnant beauty, if ever there was one and the bravely talented and gorgeous Bell, cut, hack, create and construct Amy's wedding dress. 

This loveliness was squeezed between a different kind of uhh, loveliness as Jason, Liz and I struggled with the world of Final Cut Pro and the input of three different cameras, not synched (eek) and then the triumph as we were launched headfirst into the latest Final Cut Pro that solved our problems, an interesting learning curve. I quite liked the process of this, but am looking forward to the Pat Movie becoming a reality.


  1. love that pic of bel! she's a cracker.

  2. oh cutting into silk! I just cut into a perfectly good cotton skirt - which felt big - but hopefully its upcycling will be worth it! Only 4 more sleeps.


  3. Hi Jay, I've just been enjoying reading your posts and drinking in your pictures...beautiful...that is really inspiring seeing your work on that dress...nice to meet you :-)

    1. hello and welcome Nic, thanks for popping by. i too have been enjoying peering into your little corner of this blog world.


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