Tuesday 11 September 2012

a spring intensive

Last week I spent every morning from 6am to 7.30am at a yoga and meditation Spring Intensive, it was the first time I had ever done yoga on a daily basis and I was really surprised by the change in my body by about Thursday. It wasn't a physically obvious change; I hadn't suddenly turned into some yogi who was streamlined, super flexible and supremely calm, oh no, nothing like that but I felt stronger and more focused within myself. As someone mentioned by day four it felt like we were all doing a kind of dance together, we all moved with a grace, a certainty and ease, it all kind of clicked in a way that is very different when you go just once or even twice a week.
Yoga always offers me a glimpse at centeredness, physically, mentally and emotionally, at least for a few hours but last week it offered me more and gave me, hmm, not sure whether this is the right word but maybe courage within my body and and an openness within my self.

A Spring clean indeed.

In other news to come, I have started Samba dance classes (yes, to those out there who know me, it does seem a little strange but I have been coerced to perform as part of a group of about 15 at the River Festival this year, hmmm, stay tuned, tonight class was lots of fun though), I endured many many cuts along my arms (not related to emotional stuff above) but to a working bee at the school, I was put on lantana duty with a few others, very therapeutic and a great workout and now you have trawled through the droll, here is the most exciting and beautiful thing that we have been up to lately, Woo had her 40th at Briefield Hall, which was amazing but what made it beyond amazing was that her party turned into her wedding without her even knowing about it! Yes it is true, Scott, Victoria and I delighted in being part of the inner sanctum with Eno as we managed to make a wedding happen in literally two days. Oh I cannot wait to share more.


  1. Wow. A surprise wedding. Crazy.

    The yoga sounds wonderful. What a lovely way to start Spring.

  2. I'm thrilled you had a week of yoga - every time I do a class I wish it could be daily. Such a tonic for the body, mind and soul. thinking of you



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