Friday 22 June 2012


Curry nights and dress ups, together at last. Sydney friends will surely remember some of the outfits in this post, we have a massive red suitcase full of delightful dress-up attire, it's amazing how much we cram into it. 
 Oh, I am salivating just remembering, yes and the kofta balls are a staple, no curry night is complete without them.
We have had a really busy week this week and the weekend does not hold much respite; The MidNorth are playing at 5 Church St, which has not only sold out but has quite a long wait list and then on Sunday we are having a working bee at Nicole's place. She is selling her beautiful mudbrick home and heading with her family to Melbourne, to be closer to her sister, she will be dearly missed (but luckily we have her til the end of the year, yay).
I have my mind scattered in a few more places than usual, on the first weekend of July I am running a workshop at The Workshop and then on the 13th July Bell and I are having our first Wabi Sabi Pop up shop, followed by the markets the following week and then I am putting some pieces in The Workshop art exhibition at The Energy Festival on the 28th July, eeek. Oh and I have photographed my pieces to go onto Blue Caravan, I just have to do the pricing, descriptions, measurements etc. Oh my. It is really exciting and overwhelming and it's all about working out how to gently fit this into our life with two beautiful little folk oh and one larger gorgeous fellow. Speaking of which, Scott and I had a day date the other day, such a treat, we had planned on going to the movies at Sawtell but nothing really perked our interest so instead we ate a mushroom burger and a chickpea burger (and some amazing chips) on a grassy patch overlooking Sawtell beach, lying in the sun, chatting, not chatting, exhaling, ahhh. We then um, hung out at home for a bit and then collected our two little people who were being loved up by Nicole and Oscar, so wonderful and so necessary.
That night Scott and Poe headed up to Chrysalis to celebrate the Winter Festival, which happens around the solstice, both Scott and Poe were completely entranced by it. They shared soup together, walked the winter spiral  and then went on a lantern walk through the bush singing their winter festival songs, it was really special, the children had so much reverence and delight.
Leading up to the festival we received a little handout with the song 'Shine lantern' on it, Poe asked me to sing it, so I tried but obviously I didn't get the tune right so Poe corrected me and I asked how it went. He said "Come with me Mumma' and he led me to his room, he stepped into the built in and shut the door and proceeded to sing the whole song, including the four verses, oh my, the sweetness of it. This gorgeous little voice singing so clearly and earnestly, yet still a little too shy to sing so in front of me. I walked past the room half an hour later and Scott was sitting on Poe's bed and sure enough that little voice was singing again, so beautifully from inside the cupboard.  On the night of the Winter festival, he sung with full gusto and passion, Scott said he felt his heart just well.

Just a quick technical question for fellow bloggers, I have been told I have reached my picasa web album limit (didn't realise i had one) but if i delete any of the photos from the web album they will delete from my blog. Any ideas about this. Thanks. xxx


  1. I paid the $5 to extend my limit Jay...wasn't too much trouble at all. Your days sounds very much like mine - bustling, busy and joyful x

  2. Thanks Jodi, i thought you would know. yes our days do sound similar, i am intrigued about what is happening in your work world, sounds wonderful. xx


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