Tuesday 19 June 2012

ahh home

Scott and I awoke on Sunday knowing that in a couple of hours Alice and Jamirah would be over for a play and then a few hours after that we would be hosting a curry night, before either of us said a word we set about doing one very important thing....hiding the boxes that currently cluttered our living space. It felt great, we reclaimed our space and started to feel settled at last. The boxes are currently in the guest room waiting patiently to be seen to one by one. Ahhh. I used this opportunity to take a few snaps around our new home, oh this space feels so great, I don't think I have ever fully experienced the absolute joy of north-facing living areas (with huge windows). Yes, I have read a bit about it, regarding solar passive designed homes and imagined the virtues but to experience it is such a delight.


  1. That light DOES look delicious. The further we get into winter the more i love our northerly aspect.


  2. Jay I am envious of the spaciousness and light in your new home. Ours house is feeling cosier (smaller) by the minute with these growing boys. A great space you are piecing together indeed. Enjoyed 'browsing' your bookshelf too :) xx


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