Sunday 3 June 2012


the gorgeous Ginger in a little terry towelling number I couldn't resist
Tomorrow we are moving, yep, there are boxes everywhere and tomorrow we will load dup the truck, head down the road take a left then a right and then unload the truck, I think it's a grand total of about 250 metres.
We need to move out of this house as the owner comes back every year or so to do renovations. We are renting again, despite our desire to buy and grow and plant ourselves but there hasn't been anything quite right, so in the meantime we are happy to wait. Luckily our new home is really lovely with lots of light, views to the mountains, a separate studio for Scott, a veggie patch (which we can add to), solar power a little tree house and beautiful big windows. I am really looking forward to living in this new space. Unfortunately it doesn't have Woo, Eno, Ziggy, Sidney and Ginger as beautiful neighbours oh we will miss them so, luckily as mentioned previously they are only about 150metres away if that (there is a little cycleway/walkway shortcut).
Poe has had quite a teary and hard week, the shift to the unknown doesn't sit well with him, he is very sad to be leaving this home but did mention that it isn't as sad as leaving Sydney and not seeing his friends in Sydney as much. He has been talking about a few friends from Sydney in particular this week, remembering games they played and things they did together and talking to his friends at school about them.
We are very lucky to have landed in Bellingen in the house that we did and to have made such special friends, amazing. Woo and I are determined to keep up the ease with hanging out, which basically means no planning and just dropping in whenever we want, as we do now.

This is Ilo's smile, when I ask him to smile. Hilarious, gorgeous and a little disturbing. Oh sweet thing.
This is what he does as soon as he has breakfast, he gets dressed then he heads to the hole in the fence, he picks up a fallen camelia, takes it to Woo and then he hangs out with them while they rush around getting ready for school (usually followed closely by Poe). He disappears through that hole a lot, oh he will miss it. 
He is also wearing an op shop find, blue velvet overalls with an embroidered duck on the front, too sweet. 
Some pics from the Goat show, a lovely (and early) evening, there was even a real but very chilled (and massive) goat in attendance. 
Steve in the process of getting his goat on. Nick's goat in the background.
Bell's goat
My little goat sold, which was pretty cool and there has been a lot of Pan love going around, so we shall see. 

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