Wednesday 4 September 2013

Delights for a 4 year old (or 2, 3, 5, 6)

Here are a few of the beautiful gifts Ilo received for his 4th birthday, I feel like they were chosen or made with so much intention and consideration, so very special. They have already been adored, played with and delighted over. 

  • handmade hooded cape made with love by Woo using this book
  • a perfect bag for all sorts of adventures made lovingly by Victoria
  • a beautiful felt pencil case and the necessary brushes for everything from discovering dinosaur bones, applying fairy dust and even painting
  • handmade finger puppets from Jen (how gorgeous is the display hand), the elephant and the rabbit are particularly well loved
Other loved gifts, not pictured here included a shovel, a whole lot of flowers to plant in Ilo's garden, a precious little pouch from Sharma full of fairy glitter, a hanging fairy lure, tiny sparkly stars and a fairy crystal and of course Ilo's very own panda. 

I decided to include a whole lot of Ilo's favourite books at the moment including some that he received as presents, the right book will be held close for so many years, some are even held firmly in the child's mind and heart well into adulthood. They are the most perfect gift.

There are quite a few more but I hope this will suffice. 


  1. I remember magic growing trees! I've just been clicking on your posts from Zagreb while I wait for my train later tonight, after a really bad day travel wise (getting wallet + passport stolen, never ideal), and it made me really nostalgic / but also smile to click around your posts and remind myself that my other life, in NZ, still exists. Thank you so much for that. xx

    1. oh hello lovely one, so so happy i could offer some glimmer, a little light on what sounded like a really atrocious day,crap. Hopefully you have had a lovely time in Zagreb, I really enjoyed Croatia but it has been 14 years since I have been (wow, that is a long time). Where are you heading to next? Stay safe lovely one, can't wait to see and hear (Well read) all about your adventures. xxxx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx