Sunday 8 September 2013

a little gift

Some of you may recall that a year ago we attended a very special birthday celebration, a celebration that turned into a surprise wedding. Yes, really. If you are new to this space you can find out all about it here.
Just after the celebration I was inspired to make a little clip about the day and seemingly true to form the night before Woo's birthday this year I finally got to it (yes, seriously, what was I thinking?).
It was interesting looking at how much I have learnt in the last year (I did cringe quite a bit at my filming and photography), it was fun having a play with final cut pro and it was challenging working with limited footage, which led to including stills. In the end I was pretty happy with it and believe it reflects the beautiful day, the celebration of Woo and the oozing of love that occurred. 
Hopefully you all enjoy, smile a little, laugh a little and embrace the love, especially since the disaster that was the elections last night, an election result that was so far from what is good for everyone, what is good for our environment, for the minorities, for communities, for people who need help, for a better world. An election result that was seeped in the 'I' not the 'Us'. Anyway, I could go on but I won't here, I guess sometimes it has to get worse until it gets better, the bad thing is that our world is already in a seriously messed up state, these kind of results set us back quite a bit, okay, rant over (for now).

Happy happy birthday/anniversary beautiful Woo, you of that amazing laugh and twinkling eyes. You, who loves your dear ones so, held firmly in your heart and close by your side. We love your frankness, your humour and the delight that you see and share with the world.

Here is the gift I made for Woo and Eno, enjoy. xxx Ah love. 

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