Thursday 20 June 2013

from afar

One of the perks (actually it is the only perk) of living so far away from some of our dear friends and family is the quality of catch up time we get when our friends come to visit. That's right, instead of just snippets of conversations and a couple of cups of tea, we get countless meals together, we cook, we sip tea, we get to chat and chat (chatting with children around and then chatting well into the night with children tucked up in bed), we play together, visit the beautiful surrounds and get to well and truly and thoroughly catch up. 
Our latest visitors, Matt, Lisa and Otis had planned to come up for the O'Brother gig but as luck would have it, as they were making the finishing touches to their outfits they realised that Otis had chicken pox and it would have been too much for him to travel so far. Disappointing, yes but luckily they had a taste for Bellingen and booked in a visit as soon as possible. It was a delight to have them with us, to say the least, they are such wonderful people and to get to spend so much time with them was a real treat. 
Oh yes, back to The Lodge for the first stop in the Bellingen tour, snuggled in the warmth against the cold night, the fire was going, the food delicious and the music delightful, yes some Patchwork Cavalcade was just what was needed.
Matt regaling some wonderfully interesting and engaging tale, of which he has many.
A house warming and Birthday celebration for Nicole, with a dash of yes, Patchwork Cavalcade, after all Holly (the gorgeous short haired wonder) is Nicole's daughter.
Night lantern walking, look at the joy on Poe's face, delightful.
And yes, no trip to Bellingen is complete without a trip to Never Never Creek, it is a magical place.
Oh, yeah, this is living.


  1. I can relate to this Jay. We too miss our family and friends, but when they fly over for a visit we always have such a magical week together - just like one extra big family! Meals are so much better with a crowd living in your house, don't you think?

  2. Meals are so much better when they have been prepared with lots of laughter, noise and movement around. I do love a crowd, especially a crowd of ones that i love so much, i can't but help just squeeze them.


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