Saturday 24 May 2014


Before the great campervanning adventure of 2014, we somehow also managed to squeeze in some very wonderful times with loved ones including one very special family that we haven't seen for quite  a while. We first met Sara, Gary and Stella at an attachment parenting group in Newtown, when our first borns were only a few months old. Aside from bonding over having new little babies and all that comes with that we also bonded over our Malaysian connections and Gary's newfound love of Bluegrass, which pretty much cemented our friendship forever. It was an utter delight to have a special sleep over at their place, to watch the kids dive straight into the most beautiful and imaginative of play for hours on end, to sit and drink tea, read books, prepare food and catch up. I truly feel that the bond that was cemented as we shared and supported each other when our children were but babes has created such an ease and familial environment with these dear friends. 

Wonderfully Scott and I also managed to squirrel some time away, just us, yes the two of us, for a day and a night, we celebrated us, we celebrated ten years of marriage. We arrived in Sydney on a glistening day, with a harbour that sparkled to us as we hopped off the train (yes, the train, we spent an hour and a half sitting and reading and gazing out the window) and headed straight to the movies at Circular Quay. I savoured every moment as I sunk into the seat and prepared myself to be taken away by the wonder that was The Grand Budapest Hotel. It was the perfect movie to be emerged in, to gaze at the beauty of every scene, to forget all around and just laugh and be. It was a very happy two hours, I felt sated as we walked out, back into that glistening day.

The next 24 hours consisted of so many more moments of simple pure joy. Walking about with this wonderful human (Scott), whom I love and admire so dearly, around a city we used to call home, eating delicious tidbits, having perfect and challenging conversations about love, life and yes parenting (and much more), and just being with each other, was an honour and so much fun. At this time in our lives, after being with each other for thirteen years I have realised after seeing so many loved ones separating from their own dear ones, that sometimes love just does not last a lifetime, that people do change, that children change you, they force you to learn and grow in ways that you can't even imagine beforehand and that sadly not everyone keeps loving and growing together.
And then I look at Scott and I look at our relationship and even as I acknowledge that at times it has been really, really shitty, we work through it, we grow and we do this together. We have gotten through lots of hard times but we just love and admire each other more and more and that makes me feel so damn lucky. To still be having fun, to be growing, learning, laughing and yes lusting after my dear one, wow, how cool is that.

To further this festive time we then celebrated Scott's birthday by confirming the purchase of our new home (wooohhoooo) and by holding a little surprise birthday dinner for him. Oh yes, a lot of this holiday was all about the love.

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  1. You found a house!!! Email me immediately! ( please) Yay!!!!!!


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