Tuesday 15 April 2014


Okay, hi, yes I did post earlier today explaining all about my computer problems but I am back, computer problem solved (fingers crossed), masses of photos uploaded and brain brimming with an overload of electronic stimulation. Deep breath.
So, here is what I was planning on doing, mostly because I would prefer to take it easy on myself, but   what I was thinking was, how about I kind of just throw you all out there, out into these snippets of our lives with only the vaguest of descriptions, yes, I know, not quite the grand and spectacular homecoming I am sure you were all waiting for but instead, merely the one that feels right for me. Slowly, slowly with minimal need for too much information, any great wit, nor the need for too much wracking of a, ah at times, wonky memory. Okay? Let's go.

To celebrate our beautiful friend and, lucky for us, neighbour, Nina's birthday, we showered her with love, gifts and a delicious, kind of experimental cake based on this recipe. It is true that I thought that a layer of mango and avocado/choc mousse would maybe make it even more delicious than the divine looking berry topping in the original recipe and yes it is true that I threw caution to the wind and did not peel my almonds after soaking (the fact that I was using almonds rather than cashews was already pushing the boundaries), but I must say the gamble paid off the cake was really very delicious, with great flavours and wonderful textures, oh and it satisfied some of our dear friends who are gluten free and the fact that our oven was broken.
But just a word on the lovely Nina, a beautiful human who is open and full of love, wisdom and curiosity, as always I cherish friendships where things are really explored, conversations that are rich, understanding, challenging and interesting. When Nina and I talk it is often around our children, it is often interrupted, it is often left wanting but it is always with understanding, this is how conversations often happen when little ones are around but in that there is so much beauty and acceptance. Thank you Nina for all those juicy half conversations that we so often have.
Okay that wasn't that short at all, but don't get too excited because basically that is as good as it's going to get. 
A delightful play with Ginger and Ilo, oh the love. 
It has been too long between protests, so because there were so many things to march against we decided to do the March in March. A peaceful protest, a wonderful turn out, a time to reflect and become reignited in the passion to bring about change. 
A beautiful friend at the march, wearing a top that I made, her whole outfit made me smile with delight. Come on, a high waisted lime green polyester skirt and a beautiful floral mid-drift top, yes, it takes a very special human to pull of this look in a way that is totally gorgeous, effortless and supremely natural. 
A wonderfully long party in the Thora Valley, filled with swinging, horse riding, water balloons, river swimming, cubby house making, chasing, hiding and some obscure french pop songs. 
In the cardboard box we trust and love. Always and forever. 
A show, usually filled with some serious dance moves, is always around the corner. 


  1. wow wow wow. These beautiful photographs are worth the wait. so many I'd just like to go through them again one by one. Love the cardboard boxes and the ones by the river; then the last one is so personality-filled too... oh its nice to see you around here again x

  2. Wowzers I have so missed these photos and easy to read blog. Your a delight to read xxxx

  3. gorgeous photos... so dreamy and beautiful.

  4. I love these photos. You have been missed! I was soon to email you to make sure you were ok! I figured life may have been too full for blogging, hadn't factored in computer problem. anyway, lovely to have you back! xxx

  5. Aw, thanks lovely ones, such beautiful and kind words. I have missed being here. xxx

  6. Missing you. Lovely pics as always, and words- neighbourly friendship is the best. I am roaming the net for a yummy custard recipe and popping by here to say hello. All well here in paradise, and big love from us.

  7. the cardboard boxes. so simple yet so versatile! after a long break i'm slowing entering blog land again. though i have been following your posts along the way. lots of love nat xx

    1. Oh, welcome back, will have to pop back to your page again, you have been missed. xx


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