Tuesday 15 April 2014

Communication breakdown

Hello lovelies, apologies for my absence of late but our computer broke, which means, yes no blogging, minimal emailing and many more hours in the day, to tell you the truth I haven't missed it that much. Our beautiful neighbors kindly lent us their iPad last night, hence my ability to put this post out. So while you all wait with (ahem) baited breath for our computer to be fixed and the onslaught of a large amount of photos and a moderate amount of words, you might like to pop over to the blog of this beautiful family, whom we recently had the pleasure of meeting when they popped into Bellingen the other week, far from their home in Daylesford. I felt an instant connection with this beautiful family, on an absolutely inspiring journey. Cycling as a family, foraging and hunting for their food, camping where they can and making friends with strangers as they are welcomed into the homes of many.


  1. oh hello there, bit of a communication breakdown on this end too but I'll admit I'd been wondering about you guys. Glad you haven't missed it - but still, I miss your images so I hope the computer is sorted soon xx

  2. That is too bad. Having your pc breakdown at such an inconvenient time can be such a bother. It is the bread and butter of most bloggers, after all. Although I think,rom the way you sound of this post, the breakdown has done some good towards you getting more relaxed. We do need to take a break from technology from time to time. :)
    Cordia Remsen


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