Wednesday 4 December 2013

Mullum Music Festival

What, another festival!? Yes, it seems that every time we turn around we bump into one festival or another. But I can safely say that this festival is one worth bumping into. The Mullum Music Festival is now up there with Dorrigo as one of my favourite festivals. The festival is run in the town of Mullumbimby (on the mid North Coast) and all the venues run along one street. Which means there is a gentle yet constant flow of people going to one venue or another, either walking, cycling or catching the Magic Bus venue to venue. I loved this idea, because it is part of the town, seemingly making the festival richer with all the energy of the town right there. 
One of my most favourite moments was walking hand in hand with Scott on the balmy Friday evening passing fellow festival goers as we headed to a venue. There was delight and excitement in the air, bunting and lights all around, perfect little food stall and a magnificent array of music to sample, it was a wondrous feeling, a special treat made all the more as my Aunt, who lives in Mullum, generously and willingly offered to look after Poe and Ilo for not one but two of the festival nights, yes, I lapped up every second of adult time with my lovely one.

The Mid North  (and Ilo) played at this festival, making it their first non-Bluegrass festival and my gosh they were so well received, there was the occasional whoop, a few hollers, apparently a few tears and lots of applause, I felt very proud of them, they were fantastic. 

Some festival highlights included the fabulous and oh so lovely Perch Creek Family Jugband (our love for them is well documented, an amazing band and such beautiful people), The Pitt Family Circus (more love), Potato Potato (a high school group that are fresh, tight and play ultra catchy tunes), Robert Ellis, Marlon Williams (oh my, his voice is like smooth caramel), the Magic Bus oh and the parade on the Sunday. 
The Magic Bus, is a double decker, 70's style bus, complete with disco music and disco dancers, you can just imagine how much fun the kids (ahem and adults) had. 

The relaxed nature of the festival was unmistakeable, it was easy, entertaining and full of smiley folk,grateful for the opportunity to be part of this special event. Poe and Ilo wandered hand in hand with us, engaged in all the music, eyes wide with all the sights, growing big grins on the bus and sweated in the heat, even at their most tired they wanted more, just one more glimpse, one more experience. 
We will definitely be going back. 


  1. Great photos! Ilo looks so little on stage. So great!!!

  2. Hi auntie Jay!
    I absolutely love looking at your blog and seeing what you, uncle Scott, Ilo and Po are doing!
    I really miss you!
    From Megan Kirkby

    1. Hello beautiful, so nice to see you here, we miss you guys too. Will hopefully get to see you soon.
      much love to you and Jack and Mish.

  3. Oh I used to make those ornaments (in the tree) all the time. I think they were called God's Eyes?


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