Sunday 3 November 2013

Here we go: Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival Part 1

Prepare yourself lovely ones for a photo bonanza. Yes, last weekend we ventured up the mountain to the Dorrigo Folk and Bluegrass Festival and what a time we had. We camped with two other dear families (and managed to attract at least another four families, based purely on our tribe of children drawing other children in) and had such an amazing time in what was essentially the perfect little musical village. As I mentioned last year, this festival is amazing, it is true grass roots; easy, family friendly and brimming, nay overflowing with talent and joy. Interestingly, this is also a dry festival,which means no drinking at the festival and no smoking, which absolutely adds to the family friendly nature, it seems to help to create a very easy and relaxed atmosphere. Yes drinking does happen, at the campsites, in a generally restrained manner and often (ahem), ends in uncontrollable giggling being passed from tent to tent rather than anything extremely offensive.
This festival although touted as a folk and bluegrass festival is really accessible to everyone of any musical leaning. Our dear friend Eno, who is a drummer and a lover of hard rock had an absolute ball and loved so much of the music. As long as your ears don't bleed at the sound of a banjo and your heart functions well around mandolins, you too would love this festival.
The showstoppers of the festival were The Foghorn Stringband, as I mentioned in my last post, these guys are absolutely brilliant, they made everyone's smiles extra, extra wide, which admittedly did look a bit freaky, but we were all in the same boat, so collectively we just decided to grin and ignore it. A real treat. Other highlights included; Cat and Clint, Oh Pep, The Steamgrass Boys, The Lurkers, Oh Willy Dear, Starboard Cannons, Vic Manuel, Slim Jim, Black Train, Don and Jon The Resonator Brothers,  the amazing Pitt Family Circus and some band that gets around the traps, The Mid North.
It was also very special sharing this weekend with dear friends, it further highlighted the beauty of community, of sharing meals, sharing and caring for all of our children and having such a beautiful and connected time together.
Okay, more to come but this is part 1 of the photo deluge, hope you enjoy. What a wonderful, wonderful weekend.

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  1. Looks magnificent Jay. We will have to make it to a festival when we eventually move north! Hope the dance class was fun. Talk soon xx


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