Tuesday 29 January 2013

random bits and stuff

After a wild and windy night and a blackout, we now sit sticky, steamy and to be honest a bit stinky after a warm day with 99% humidity. With a heaviness in our heart we farewelled our dear friends yesterday so today has been flat, flat as we readjust to not having them so near by, to not being able to hug, grin or kiss them on a whim, to seeing their smiley faces, to having to do all the washing up ourselves (or by Scott's self). Hmmm. But we are supremely lucky to have had them with us for such a delicious chunk of time, more about our adventures in the next post.
Right now, I think I will scatter things here and there with a number of pretty unrelated items of possible interest, or possibly of no interest at all, whichever way you decide, thanks for popping by (especially all those new faces, hello, well not 'faces' exactly, not even remotely, but you get what I mean, I hope).

Here goes. 
Firstly, last week I flippantly mentioned something about embroidering a raspberry, oh yes only those keen eye readers may have picked it up, but I did see, well what I neglected to mention was that this raspberry is a very special raspberry because it is for a wonderful human named Jean who lives in Upper Crystal Creek, which is past Murwillumbah and Jean grows raspberries and is apparently a supremely talented pastry chef, so if you are ever up that way.... Oh, I digress, now, how do I know Jean and why are you crafting her a raspberry (I pretend to hear you ask), well, Jean is a dear, dear friend to another amazing human, someone who I have mentioned more than a few times here and someone whom I have and adore all her cookbooks, Jude, oh yes that Jude. The one and only Jude Blereau, so sweetly requested a raspberry for Jean, needless to say, I was pretty damn excited. The raspberry has been completed and if it hasn't been too delayed by floods and what not, should be making it's way into the home of Jean, very, very soon. I particularly enjoyed going french knot crazy on the berries.
From berries and Jude to the beautiful folk at 5 Church St , yes, well they need your/our help, they are after a new Head Chef, but it can't be any old Head Chef, this unique person needs to be passionate about food and interested in sustainable and ethical food practices, here is a little more:

Looking for a tree change on the mid north coast? This is a great opportunity to make your mark and run your own show.
5 CHURCH STREET is looking for an experienced chef to come join the family!

Applicants must be: 
- passionate about food
- interested in sustainable & ethical food practices
- reliable, motivated and hard working
- experienced leaders/capable of running a busy dynamic kitchen (120 covers)
- highly organised with excellent time management skills
- able to communicate & delegate effectively
- able to work under pressure and maintain a positive attitude

For further information please contact Jason at cometogether@5churchstreet.com

So if you think you know someone or even if you know someone who might know someone, please send this around, it is a wonderful place to work and yes a great place to live and Jason and Steve, who run 5 Church St are really special human beings.
Poe's first day of school, last year 2012
Now just quickly, Jodi is running a little school series on her blog, with some wise words from a few parents with school aged children, such a lovely idea. I contributed a few lines over there, but here is my full spiel about the biggest lesson we learnt from Poe's first year of school:

'Well, after we dried our eyes and the gut wrenching anxiety about sending our precious one into the big wide world abated (and it does), we found that keeping a gentle and quiet rhythm after school was essential for everyone. Five days in a row is a long time to be doing anything but to be navigating countless social situations, learning new and exciting things and having to pay attention to a teacher is positively exhausting. Scott and I would make sure there were connecting cuddles and nourishing snacks as soon as Poe got home from school and we made sure that this after school time was kept as free as possible. 
There is so much going on at school, I found that Poe really loved/craved the downtime, the love and the security that was at home. Having this space also gave him the freedom to discuss any issues he may have been having, often after 'acting out' first and then once he calmed down he would share whatever was bothering him. We would also suggest being mindful that by the end of term/first week of holidays your gorgeous child is probably pretty exhausted and can be quite grumpy or even crazily unreasonable, don't worry this is totally normal, think about all that they have been through during the term and try to give them more understanding, patience, nurturing and nourishment. It is amazing how your little one grows and develops throughout the year, it is just so beautiful and so much fun, enjoy'. 

I always find myself rereading my words and wincing a little, especially compared to the beauty of say, Nikki's words, so I just end up writing as I think and not rereading, well I reread to make sure I haven't made any obvious spelling mistakes or glaring grammatical errors, but even some of them slip by. Just letting you have a sneak peek into the inner workings.
Oh and as I mention Nikki, I realise I can deliciously segue into a lovely post a friend of hers recently wrote all about extending the life of those 'what do i do with all this 'insert name of vegetable here'', some very delicious ideas.

Phew, I think that's it, no more randomness, well for today anyway. Thanks for staying in even if you bailed out.

*And to add to the randomness even more, for those who read this post last night, might double take at the addition of three new photos, yes, I only downloaded them this morning and thought that this post was the perfect place to put them, the clean up from the floods. Sorry for messing with you even more. 


  1. You poor wet people! My mum lives next to the Clarence, they're also very very wet... I passed on your chef call-out to a friend, just in case- it sounds like a fantastic place to be. Hope you guys all dry out soon xx

    1. Thanks for passing on the chef call-out, you just never know. We are currently dealing with a whole laundry full of musty smelling dampish laundry, but so lucky that our town fared a lot better than others. best wishes xx

  2. That raspberry is a sensation. What an amazing talent you possess. I hope you're all taking it easy in the uber-steamy heat... we seem to be in the midst of a freaky cool snap which is quite a relief after the days in the high 30's and 40's xxxx

    1. Oh thank you gorgeous you, I was pretty happy with the edible look of the raspberries, very plump and succulent. Oh a cold snap, what a delight,we had a couple of days of cooler weather and it was an incredible balm. much lovexxxx

  3. Jay, you might be interested in Jane Nicholas' amazing stump work embroidery, check out the fruits + flowers, or this one including 'blackberries in various stages of ripeness'


    1. Holy Moly, that work is achingly incredible, wow, thanks for the hot tip, I think I will gaze upon it for hours.

  4. Hey Jay! Glad to hear that you guys weren't inundated. That's a whole lotta river in that photo. We are super excited to be seeing you guys so soon. Can't wait! I'll have to give you a buzz to talk wardrobe tips. Love to all, Lisa x

    1. Hey there lovely, oh we are very excited to see you guys too, it's been too long. Hmm, wardrobe tips for O'Brother, white, high collars, dresses, lots of sepia tones, but yes, let's chat. Much love to your people. xx

  5. Oh Jay. where to begin? I'll start with the raspberries...they are perfection!! What you can do with a needle and thread is above and beyond my imagination or capabilities, I am in awe of your embroidery talents and the fact that they are of food of course is doubly awe inspiring to a wholefood mama ;) Perhaps this is the beginning of more embroidery commissions. And as for your 'randomness' as you put it, I find the way you put words together to be completely delightful. Your words about school are so true and reassuring, which I think is something every parent sending their child off to school likes to hear - reassurance that through all the changes and growth all will be well! Thanks too my friend for the link. Wishing you a wonderful and hopefully dry weekend xxx

  6. These photos are so so beautiful! I'm in love with those embroidered raspberries, and my goodness, THAT FOOD! You have a lovely family.


    1. Thanks Trish and hello there, thank you for those kind words, yes THAT FOOD is mighty fine and totally delicious. xx

  7. Look at all of that water! I've been thinking of everybody affected and hope all is ok. Goodbyes are hard especially to such precious people, we have also had a few of those over the summer break. I hope your little one starts school beautifully ... I love what you wrote and hope I will take on your advice over the coming year with remembering to take things slowly. Thank you for sharing. Ally

    1. Hello Ally, I too need to remind myself of my words as we nearly start the school term, I feel like I am squeezing every inch out of these last few days of holidays, keeping them close and keeping it gentle. Looking forward to seeing how your school year gets along, such a wonderful adventure. xx


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