Friday 18 January 2013

in this home

The other day we were invited over for a band dinner at John (mandolin/fiddle player) and Laurel's home. As soon as I walked in, I stopped, my eyes were darting everywhere, I quickly (and warmly) got the usual niceties out of the way and then I got busy with my camera, what a visual feast. I was mostly filming but managed to sneak a few snaps in as well. It was such a delightful, interesting and lived in home, just gorgeous, exuding love and a wonderful and full life. Once I felt sated, we sat and chatted about John and Laurel's homeschooling adventures with their four (now adult) children, we made a lovely and surprising connection; Laurel's midwife for two of her children also delivered my sister and the midwife who delivered me (my sister, brother and I were all home births) delivered a good friend of theirs children, funnily enough these are the second people we have met up here who have shared our midwife, oh I love that.
It was a warm and delicious (can you ever have too many curries in your life, uh, I say no) evening. The kids, eight in total, were kept enthralled by Isaac, Banjo Bill's thirteen year old, who was so awesome, they were creating and looking for treasure maps, fossicking in the garden and rolling about in peals of laughter.

After dinner the band got together and started on their first 'O'Brother Where Art Thou' rehearsal, they are sounding really great, despite it being their first run through. We watched the movie again the other night, it is so brilliant, Scott, Cath and I got very excited about costumes and set design, it is going to be a great evening. Oh and unfortunately for those who may have dilly dallied a bit on offer to come and visit, well our home is full, every room, sleeping surface and studio has been booked but for the adventurous there is plenty of green space if you want to pitch a tent. Woohooo. 


  1. Lovely post as always Jay. Love that welcome sign and the midwife story. Music, ain't it a wonderful thing?! A great sound indeed from the Mid North, heart and harmony. Hope you are having a beautiful weekend xxx

    1. thanks Nikki, yeah, the Mid North are sounding better than ever, really excited about some tracks Scott is working on for the next album, still a little way off yet.xx


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