Tuesday 27 November 2012

Working on a building

Okay, well maybe not, unfortunately after a building inspection we have decided not to buy, our very exciting dream. Yes, so disappointing but once we discovered some rotten supporting beams which had been eaten out by termites we knew we were in for a bigger job than planned. Our builder called it a 'money pit'. So just like that the home we were 'living in' in our minds, disappeared. After a few chats we have now kind of decided that if it stays on the market for a while and the owners will budge a LOT on the price then maybe we will try again, in the meantime however we have fresh ideas and a new perspective on what we might now be looking for in a home.
You see, we tossed around so many alternative building options that we were nearly delirious. We did some research on sandbag or earthbag building, strawbale, mudbrick and most excitedly hempcrete. Hempcrete, grown locally, is sounding like a pretty amazing natural building product and one that is growing in uses and function. It is mould and fungus proof, a great insulator, has wonderful acoustic properties, sequesters carbon dioxide for the life of the building, is lightweight and solid and is termite and fire resistant. We have a lot churning through our minds at the moment, but we are very glad we discovered this 'surprise' before throwing a whole lot of money, time and love into the space.

So stay tuned, I guess. In the meantime, to help you all recover from the shock and disappointment, here is Ilo playing a Bluegrass standard 'Working on a Building' with The Mid North.


  1. Jay, It will all fall in to place for you,when it is meant to :) Little llo in his gumboots is such a cute asset to Mid North! xx

  2. Well that sucks. But also - *phew*. And then - bugger. And a bit of - *yay more time to research and choose*. Life - full of timings we do not understand.

  3. Ooooh Jay!! I feel for you as we have just been through similar, as you already know. I agree totally with Casso as I am sure you do too. Better to find out now than AFTER the purchase. Hugs to you xx

  4. Thanks for your thoughts you guys, yes, obviously not meant to be and yes everything will fall into place. We are definitely spurred on my the dreams and ideas in our heads.


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