Friday 25 November 2011

what a thank you

My beautiful cousin Dexter and his lovely girlfriend Flinder (fresh from Montreal) spent the week at our place, discovering the delights of Bellingen and it's surrounds. As a way of thanks they made this hilariously beautiful filmclip. Perfectly corny, out of sync and all, bravely filmed at Vintage Espresso, sensibly recorded at home.


  1. Ah Dexter that is fabulous! love it....

  2. Just watched this again with it! Thanks for your message honey...a picture of Marty as a sexy Bitch was dug up! - that was such a GREAT party (ohhh the memories) xxx

  3. i am happy to post the picture if you want, Marty? did you realise that Jen and Rod were also at that party, I only realised when I was looking back at the pictures and recognised them, crazy.


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