Monday 14 November 2011

Free + stuff

This past week I feel like I have accomplished quite a bit; I have felt inspired, patient and fun as a parent, accomplished quite a bit of nourishing crafting (for myself and others), made some time for me to get a bit fit (and enjoyed it) and scored at and contributed to the Bellingen Free Market, another initiative of Transition Bellingen. The week has also included a few emotional struggles and tears, but I am not going to go into that, life is hard sometimes, even amongst all the fun.   

Some headpieces as commissioned by Jen. 

We were lucky enough to get a big crack in our windscreen to warrant a new one. So whilst at the windscreen repair place Poe scored this awesome cardboard wheel thing out of the skip and we all had a great time watching them remove and then replace our windscreen, that black liquid silicon stuff was pretty impressive. 

We then spent the afternoon pottering, Scott and Vic recorded some vocals for his soon to be completed cd whilst the kids played and I created this doily/tablecloth top. I am really happy with it and delighted at how easy it was to make. Scott has declared it as one of the best things I have ever made, hmmm not too sure about that call, but nevertheless I like it. 
We then, as we do most Fridays headed up to the Lodge, where we enjoyed pesto pasta, pineapple juice and a gin and tonic. 

We picked up this super cool old desk for free at the Free Market along with, 

these crocheted squares (I can't crotchet so I am so excited by the potential of these squares, oh what to do with them, where to start) and 

no not the desk, the chair. I recovered it using some free fabric that I found at one of the famous Bardwell Valley throw-outs, they were seriously great. 
Oh, how I love free stuff, stuff that is given a chance to be loved again, stuff that is given away with the knowledge that the love will be shared. 
Not only did a few of our old bits and pieces find new homes at the Free Market but Scott also gave a couple free guitar lessons.

The desk we bought at a little antique shop near the windscreen repair place. The shop is the most reasonably priced antique shop I have ever come across, I am sure I gasped more than once at how reasonable various items were. It was a really pleasant surprise. 

This little friend was also from the antique shop, an original squirrel nutcracker, we are all just a bit smitten with it. 

Ah the bags are packed and the smiles are getting bigger by the hour, tomorrow afternoon we are heading south. Myself, Poe and Ilo are heading first to my parents for a few days and then to Sydney. Whilst Scott heads even further south to the Harrietville Bluegrass Festival, we are all really, really excited. 


  1. Oh golly you have been busy! All the while being a patient and creative parent. Amazing. Though, from my perspective, you are always an amazingly patient and creative parent. True inspiration! Those new headpieces are divine. Enjoy your southern stay. Much love xx

  2. I missed this! Gorgeous scores and gorgeous creations. Man, I am seriously envious of that top!! Must bring it own with you so I can scop out how you made it. so excited to see you all soon! *squee*

  3. we cannot wait to see you. so tracey's sunday afternoon/evening for dinner?xxx


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