Wednesday 8 October 2014

a very quick catch up

 Hello out there, I am still here, albeit a bit wearier, kind of a bit wiser and a lot more overwhelmed. But, the end is in sight, for the first bit anyway, this weekend we move into our new home. I am kind of excited but honestly feeling more daunted by the move than anything. Anyway, deep breaths and all that, yes, deep breaths and lots of help.
The whole process has been wonderful as a whole, as I have mentioned previously both Scott and I (and a few friends) have been learning many new skills and have been working muscles that were previously redundant. We marvelled at the wonder of filling in the gaps in our lining boards, gasped at the beauty of our oiled floors (think very rough industrial looking, yes so rough that mess will not even be noticed) and furrowed our brows and drooped our shoulders as our paint turned out to not be all that we had wished and hoped for (any little bump takes the paint right off, argghh).
It is looking beautiful.
But it hasn't all been hard work we have been having little moments of loveliness in between (despite the fact that our brains are totally consumed by our renovations). We have celebrated Ilo's 5th birthday and Poe's 8th, danced around the maypole at the Spring festival, dined and danced with beautiful new friends from Victoria, loved up the gorgeousness of Circus Oz, met a new baby who has chosen the best parents ever, tapped our toes at the Bangalow Bluegrass Festival, caught up with some big cousins in Brisbane, went to a perfect little pool party, got into Shiny Shiny, watched Ilo blossom at Little Kindy and photographed Katie Noonan and Jack Carty  for our local, 5 Church St.
Do you all feel semi caught up now? Kind of a little loved? I hope so. And if not, I send my sincerest apologies but I can't give much more at the moment.

nb. the above description may or may not be totally aligned with the photos that follow, I trust that you lot are clever enough to join the dots though. xx
x i also want to apologise to two very dear and important friends who are still awaiting (handmade) birthday gifts, you know who you are and it ways heavily on my mind but they will be done, i can't wait. xx



  1. Jay, so lovely to hear from you here! Congratulations on the renovations and best of luck with the move. And I know I've said it before, but your photos, everything in them, it all truly looks magical. xxx

  2. I have been checking in here, waiting for this post :) though I knew exactly where your time was being spent, on that lovely new home of yours! We are home too and so happy to be. Very very best wishes for your move and for the next chapter of your beautiful Bellingen life xxx so lovely to see on our way south albeit so briefly x


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx