Wednesday 16 July 2014

far and few random bits

Sorry all, but what with building a home, parenting two wonderful humans, trying to be an awesome partner, entertaining loads of beautiful visitors (friends and family) and the general to and fro of life, these blog posts have unfortunately shuffled right back to the end of the queue. So here I will rely quite heavily on photos, sparse words, vague explanations and that's about it. There may be the odd post that delves deeper but  to be honest I don't think I can offer much else*. Don't worry, I will understand if you start yawning, drift away and no longer frequent this space. But for those who hang on, thank you, I will endeavour to be semi regular and will definitely continue posting house updates.

/ beautiful crisp early mornings
/ quiet moments of reflection
/ these three, such special friends
/ learning the alchemy of eco dyeing
/ winter festival, full of beautiful moments
/ dear friends visiting, such a treat, celebrating a 5th birthday
/ brother, sister, mother and father, such wonderful helpers, such delightful company
/ this gorgeous one, in love with this stunning new shirt, a gift from his Aunt Suriya.

* But then who knows, I may just pull some wit and enthusiasm out of thin air and continue blogging without so much as a bleep, basically I just put all that in as a disclaimer, namely to prevent unnecessary worry or ahh concern. xxx


  1. I think your photography is beautiful and filled with just as much emotion as your words would... Take care of yourself and share when you can. :-)

  2. matt looks so perplexed! love watching the slow dismantling of the old and loved, to make way for the new and loved

  3. Aw, thanks lovely ones for all your kind words. xx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx