Sunday 8 June 2014


Delighted to be finally feeling little whispers of winter today, we donned extra layers, headed to the coast, watched for whales and shivered as the sun hid behind clouds.
On Friday Poe and I returned from a very special trip down south, I will tell all very soon but in the meantime here is some of what has been happening.

a flower photo shoot in a most beautiful garden. 

loving this very special and unexpected gift  of My Darling Lemon Thyme's new cookbook. it is full of a ridiculous amount of delicious and really easy gluten free meals, treats and other bits and pieces (thank you Nina and Pete).

had a great time showing off Church St's new product range.
little gorgeous ones
oh yes we were lucky enough to have the very beautiful Nikki, Pete, River and Sol stay with us for two nights as they embark on their northward bound family adventure. We have had the pleasure of this wonderful family's presence a few times now and each time we learn more about each other, we connect deeper and relax into a very easy friendship.
Pete delighting the children with some special insights into his amazing new book Fire and the Story of Burning Country, an inspiring book telling the story about how fire is used by the Indigenous people across Australia. Pete is currently taking this book around the country (well some parts), selling it to raise money for a very important campaign called Culture is Life, a campaign aimed led by Indigenous Elders calling for community support to prevent Indigenous youth suicide. 
A blast from the past, shooting Ed Kuepper at 5 Church St, in a warm and intimate show, it triggered lots of memories (think band posters on walls, doc martins and slips, ah the 90's) and 'aha' moments as he played requests yelled out by the audience. If you are struggling to think of any of his songs, check this one or this one out (sorry for those Ed Kuepper fans if I have neglected any of the startling obvious fave songs), they may just trigger some of your own memories.


  1. I'm smiling. Thankyou lovely for your beautiful photos and words, support with the Culture is Life campaign, and to you, Scott, Ilo and Poe for making us so very welcome in your home and charming township. Love the photo of Ilo and Poe dancing in the rain and the Ed Kuepper ones are up to your usual excellent standard :) You have such a gift for seeing and capturing light and the moment! I look forward to reading more about your trip south. We will be in touch from the road. Much love xxx

  2. Oh thank you lovely, can't wait to see and hear all about your adventures on the road. xxxx


thank you, thank you for sharing your words, thoughts, feelings. xx