Monday 24 February 2014

a love soaked farewell

On a rainy Saturday night a large cosy crowd gathered at 5 Church St to sneak in a few extra squeezes and glimpses of our dear friends Amy and Steve, before they embark, with their gorgeous 4 year old Peppa, on an adventure to India and possibly beyond. With an aim to live on farms and Ayurvedic communities and learn and learn and learn. They are on a journey that sounds so rich yet so simple, learn from those who know, those who have a huge history of experiences, of mistakes, of knowledge and know how.
They plan on getting their hands dirty and keeping it slow. Spending time in places, being immersed. 
What a beautiful and perfect plan. 

The night was everything we could have dreamed; delicious, warm, full of dancing, special moments and the most beautiful sultry sounds of the stunningly gorgeous The Miss Renee Simone band, our darling ones will be sorely missed, their radiant smiles and immensely wise advise will leave a gap in our lives. But we are so excited (and yes envious as well) about their next 6 or more months ahead of them. Travel well by lovelies.


  1. Wow what a journey your friends are embarking on. My first thought was 'I hope they start a blog!'. Gorgeous photos as usual, Renee Simone is simply stunning! Hope you are all well and happy. Much love xx

  2. Another wow from me, for all the same reasons!

    Love from Bali :)


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