Wednesday 10 July 2013

365 hankies

Bernadette and I first officially met and connected one day at my market stall, she told me about a project she had been working on, a project that was inspired by someone far far away and was started as a way of distracting her from the depression that had engulfed her as she headed towards 50 whilst suffering from debilitating arthritis. Bernadette had started on a 365 project, everyday for a year she committed to embroidering a hanky, obviously I heard the words 'embroidery' and 'hanky' and saw the electricity radiating from Bernadette and I was captivated. Bernadette, when I met her was so far from her days of agonising pain and depression, she just radiated passion and joy. Every kerchief was embroidered with intention, for a loved one, a moment, a memory, a thought. She started a blog and she facebooked and people grew around her, sharing the memorial of her father's death, the joy of the birth of a child, the humour of comic characters, the beauty of a simple tree.

Bernadette, photographed every hanky and then driven by such wonderful feedback decided to exhibit,  she hung hundred of hankies at Vintage Nest and on the first and following days watched as people smiled, pointed, delighted and engaged with pieces that she created. As I chat with Bernadette I realise the biggest thing she has gotten from this is connection, connection not only with the purpose and intention of each piece and the thoughts connected to them but connection with the hundreds of people who have been so moved by her work. Bernadette now dreams of celebrating her new zest for life by having a holiday in Italy, funded partly by handkerchiefs.


  1. Inspiring, and some of the designs are gorgeous!

  2. SO amazing and inspiring! Love these designs, and I hope that she gets her holiday.

  3. so inspiring. i love that our passions are all so diverse.


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