Monday, 26 March 2012

a festival and a morrow

Last Thursday we celebrated the Autumn/Harvest Festival at Chrysalis, as you would expect it was all pretty lovely, a huge shared lunch with kindy and pre-kindy, songs, a puppet show and then to the main hall where each year sang an autumn inspired song after which they donated to the harvest mandala and then we watched year 3 perform a play, very entertaining, complete with a paper mache dragon. 
considering the only things that we iron in our home a craft projects or clothing that i make, Ilo definitely has the
technique down. And yes that is Scott in the background reclining quite fetchingly in his awesome overalls. 
Harvest mandala, the food was then donated to the Life House pantry

I was pretty excited (ahem, really, really excited, i.e. implemented a bit of necessary deep breathing) when I found out that Rosemary Morrow, a leading permaculturist, would be in town for the Bellingen Readers and Writers Festival. For those of you out there who know us from our life in Sydney, you would probably remember our permaculture garden, and you might even know that we relied heavily on Rosemary's book "The Earth User's Guide to Permaculture" and my sister Suriya, who knows a thing or two about permaculture, to create our no-dig garden, which on a relatively small scale, was pretty awesome. We also used the clear and concise information inthe book to create a no-dig garden for our beautiful neighbours/amazing friends as well. So yes, we have loved having Rosemary in our lives and to actually get a chance to meet with her and then listen to her talk, pretty great.
Rosemary was actually showing a dvd of hers, A Good Home Forever all about retrofitting your home. The dvd was based on her experience of retrofitting a brick veneerial in the Blue Mountains, using permaculture design concepts. It was very cool and really inspiring, especially as we are in the process of looking for a home to buy, with a dream of retrofitting it to our standards, complete with a fully edible front and backyard inspired by the amazing folk at Happy Earth. Seriously check out this link, I know this post is spewing forth a ridiculous amount of links that you probably can't even be bothered with, but Happy Earth is different, check out what Ally and Richard did to their suburban block, it will change your life.
Time is actually ticking for us to move out of this house as the owner moves back in June, so, hmmm, either another rental, which is totally cool, or buying, which means we can get the ball rolling in making all these dreams a reality. As you can tell, the dvd and talk from Rosemary was very inspiring and gave me some really great ideas and reminded me of other things to keep in mind whilst looking for a home, Rosemary also mentioned that she will be moving to Bellingen soon, I am really looking forward to seeing what she will be doing up here and what we can learn from her.

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